About TDK

TDK’s origins started in 1959, when Mr. Dorris Keach decided to form Keach Construction to build schools throughout Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Due to the company’s rapid growth, Dorris along with his son, Tim, transformed Keach Construction into TDK Construction Company, Inc.

After building over 100 Federal & State projects, TDK embarked on a new growth strategy in the late 1990’s.  Multifamily construction became the company’s primary focus, building projects throughout the South. 

In 2004 TDK added a development arm to the company.  They did so as a way to support and stabilize the workload for TDK Construction and its large employment base.  Little did they know TDK Development would transform the company and provide the bulk of their construction business.

Today TDK has grown to become one of the most active multifamily new construction/development firms in the South.  To date they have built over 6,800 units valued at just over $700 million.  They were named “Best in Class” by Multifamily Executive Magazine and have received numerous accolades on many of their developments.

TDK continues to produce the same high-quality projects Mr. Dorris Keach built his reputation on in 1959.  Starting with predevelopment planning to the final certificate of occupancy, their goal is to deliver first class properties that set a new standard in the industry.