TDK Construction

Madera – San Antonio, TX

TDK construction continues to produce the same high-quality projects that Mr. Keach built his reputation on in 1959. Our primary focus has been to develop client relationships based on honesty and integrity. This philosophy along with attention to detail both behind the scenes as well as on site is what has propelled us to the top of our industry.

Starting with preconstruction planning to the final certificate of occupancy, our client’s goals are our goals. We have a site coordinator who travels to each project site to instruct employees in the process of setting up and maintaining the job site office to ensure that TDK procedures are followed and all job sites function in the same manner. Our site coordinator is also trained in OSHA standards to ensure all OSHA guidelines are followed on the job site.

Our Project Managers take a “hands on” approach for each project. They communicate daily with the Site Superintendents and frequently with the owners. One of the methods we use for communication are our Field Reports. We receive these reports from the field to the office on a daily basis. These reports are detailed about the work progress, any issues that may need to be addressed, materials delivered, any visitors on job site, communications with owners, etc. These Field Reports are reviewed not only by the Project Manager but both our V.P. of Operations and President daily.

We also have cameras located on each job site that may be accessed via the Internet so we can physically see the job site and pan the area at any time of day.

Furthermore, we maintain Operation and Maintenance Manuals that contain all approved submittals, field test reports, warranty letters, inspections and permits, and lien waivers. At the completion of the project a set is given to the owner.

Our goal in doing all of this is to offer our clients a service first attitude that far exceeds the indusry standard.