Bao Nguyen

Project Manager

In his role as Project Manager, Bao is responsible for total project management, from coordinating project estimates to close-out, including controlling budgets, negotiating contracts, and managing the schedule. He works with architects and engineers making sure shop drawings comply with TDK plans and assesses any discrepancies or potential issues that show up on the site that are not in the drawings. Bao believes coordination and communication are vital aspects to a successful project and are necessary to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget.  Growing up in Knoxville, Tenn., Bao enjoyed hands-on activities. He began a lifelong interest in working on cars and trucks and developed a skill as a craftsman. Through his hobbies, Bao developed a curiosity on how things come together. In college, he volunteered to help build a house with the Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity which steered him to focus on the science behind building. He joined the Associated Builders and Contractor’s student chapter and began an internship at TDK. Following graduation from Middle Tennessee State University in 2016, TDK hired Bao full time to work as an Assistant Superintendent on various projects before he was promoted to Project Manager.

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