Bryan Keach

Vice President of Senior Housing

As a son of TDK CEO Tim Keach, Bryan began working part time for the company as a teenager cleaning construction sites and joined TDK full-time in 2002. Having spent most of his life working for his father’s company in some fashion, he has participated in every aspect of the construction process and has an expertise for managing the construction of TDK’s assisted living developments. As he focuses on growing that portfolio, Bryan has built a great team of subcontractors who have worked multiple projects with him and allow him to keep projects moving on schedule and on budget. Much like being proficient in the many different construction trades, Bryan carries the same drive and determination into other hobbies such as motocross racing, long range shooting, and coaching basketball to young adults. He has achieved dozens of first place finishes in the amateur motocross ranks throughout the southeast as well as numerous top five awards. While he enjoys his own competitions, Bryan’s favorite achievement is the six years he has spent coaching youth basketball. He enjoys watching as they build confidence, learn to believe in themselves, play as a team, and win big games.  

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