Drew Cox

VP of Construction

Drew joined TDK in 2006 and oversees the Construction side of TDK including all of the construction division’s on-site and office personnel, all TDK estimating, and coordinates the projects from the bidding process through closeout. During his time with TDK, he has worked in nine different states on more than 50 projects that vary from military, student, senior, and multifamily housing. Drew graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Management, a unique degree providing a diversification of the understanding of concrete and the multiple high scale concrete technology and techniques. He sits on the MTSU Board of Directors for the Concrete and Construction Department and the Commercial Construction Department. In his spare time, Drew is an ultra-runner, participating in competitive events that cover up to 100 miles, and a Crossfit participant. The mental toughness required for an extreme sport athlete helps Drew push himself in his personal and professional life to accomplish the goals he sets. In his free time, Drew enjoys watching and coaching football, baseball, cross country, and track for his two kids.

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