Ross Bradley

VP of Development

Ross is responsible for the daily operations of the Development division. He supervises the market and site selection, product type selection, and plan production. Ross joined TDK in 2008 and is inspired by the opportunity to take an idea on paper and make it a reality. His responsibilities include collaborating with development partners to meet the needs and skill sets for a particular job in the diverse markets TDK serves. His energy and experience have helped more than 30 projects grow from a raw piece of dirt into a completed company asset across multiple markets. His desire to create is not limited to residential living. In 2013, Ross and his family helped found Clayton Bradley Academy in Maryville, Tennessee to provide students with a unique education model that emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking skills, and real-world application. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, he serves on the board for Middle Tennessee Electric and as a trustee for Clayton Bradley Academy.

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